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The life of a devoted employee is shattered by his company’s collapse and he is sure that it has been orchestrated by its C.E.O Meet Jack, a God fearing family man with malice towards none. Little does he know of that which awaits him? Within days of our meeting, Jack’s life will be shattered and he will be forced into new, perilously surroundings. He is sure of the cause of his downfall and vengeful thoughts haunt him incessantly. A struggle with local thugs forces him into deadly confrontation. Jack becomes ever hardened and together with the help a new found friend, he takes grisly retaliation. Emboldened by his newly acquired mettle he decides to avenge those who led to his initial undoing. Revenge will be sweet or so he thinks? The ending is guaranteed to leave you with a startled gasp.

A mystery in Old school football town in a rural, bigoted, fifties town -
All small, rural football towns are not the same.
All have their secrets and Highburg's secret is not a good one!
“Coach” takes place in a small, rural town in mid the nineteen fifties.
It is the story of the town, the high school football coach and his players.
The town’s people and his players idolize Coach.
To be a football player for Coach is the ambition of every Highburg boy.
But, things happen in Highburg and not good things!

A hacker's dream comes true -
The ultimate golf fantasy. Bob Andrews, the book's central character has just bought a new set
of golf clubs and he expects big things to happen to his game!
And big things do happen, but not what he expects!
When you read "Sticks" you won't believe what happens -
But just maybe - you'll want to believe!

A horror story of revenge set in Nazi Germany -
"The Blood of Judas" is a blend of religion, adventure, revenge and horror which takes place in
Nazi Germany. Elda, a Jewish woman, begins a relationship with a strange admirer, Anton.
She, along with he and Elda's father, are later swept up into the Holocaust.
Escape from the torturous concentration camp existence seems impossible until Anton
proposes a dark, unearthly plan.
The winds of war howl as they then begin the search for her father.
Thoughts of revenge consume her as she and Anton embark on the macabre quest.
The story provides a starling ending.

When Jesus returns will “He be coming on a cloud” (Revelations) or will it be as it was before, an obscure arrival in a backwater town? If you’re betting on the latter, just how will he announce his return? “The Adventures of Jesus” will give you a whole new understanding of how The Second Coming will occur and plenty of laughs besides. Jesus returns accompanied by his faithful companion Gabriel and together they devise a plan to publicize His arrival. They are continually plagued with problems from finding new Apostles to organizing a Sermon on the Mount. Even the Savior’s old miracle working skills need some updating. He reveals the true meanings of many of his arcane sayings and parables. Jesus tells how some of the most dramatic events in the Bible actually unfolded. You will be shocked (and laugh your ass off). Note - Reading this story will not condemn you to Hell (just a little extra time in Purgatory maybe!) LOL

A mystery set in Newark, New Jersey in the 1970s -
Could it have happened?
Or did it really happen?
Answer these questions for yourself after you’ve read "The Three Dollar Phoenix".
Doctor Ed Bennett meets with an old college buddy and his life is changes forever.
He abandons his work at his urban health clinic and embarks on a
mission that requires him to confront powerful people.
This sports related mystery will keep you turning the pages (electronically of course).
Do good guys always win? Do bad guys always lose?
Read "The Three Dollar Phoenix" and you decide.

The fulfillment of a childhood promise leads to the shocking discovery of a friend's death and the likelihood of his having been murdered. Haunting memories and compulsion cloud our hero's mind and eventually drive him headlong into an obsessive search for the truth. He leaves medical school and moves to the rural Pennsylvania coal town where the body was found in an attempt to ferret out the killer and exact retribution. Soon after arriving in Cannonsburgh he becomes involved with an anti government group and their sinister plot. Does he ever answer the questions which sent him on his initial quest? Does the terrorist scheme come to pass and can he escape involvement? "Plan of Attack" contains all the answers and more.

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Some comments about Walt's Books

Fish Farm


Just down loaded your story and read it in one hit. Drank a whole bottle of red as well as I could not go to bed.

Never been inspired to compliment an author before but loved your story.

Thanks for the entertainment.

Andrew L.

Sticks - A Golfer's Tale

1puttit replied to "Sticks - A Golfer's Tale" - A fun golf story on November 12, 9:52 pm.

Good story Walt. Thanks for posting it. I enjoyed it.

Al W.

I love to read and I have found it is much easier to read on my laptop as my eyes are getting crap.
Wonderful that I was able to read and enjoy your book for free, I will research any more titles from you in the near future.
Once again thanks for an enjoyable read.
Alan L.

PS. I have ambitions to call myself a golfer one day, instead of a person that follows a ball from hedge to bush to pond.

Sally G.

The Adventures of Jesus

Review by: S Berlin on April 23, 2011 :

This is a hoot! Looking forward to reading more of his work.

(review of free book)

Review by: grannytoad on March 24, 2011 :

Humorous look at what might happen if Jesus returned to earth today. Definitely not politically correct, but funny!

(review of free book)

Review by: J. Robert Ewbank on March 03, 2011 : (no rating)

This play is a comedy about the return of Jesus to earth with his companion Gabriele, the angel. It is lighthearted and enjoyable to read. There are many laughs in the play and I enjoyed it.

J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the 'Isms'"

This book is hilarious and immensely witty. I'm a devoted christian and when i started reading i wondered if this was slightly blasphemous but it is obvious that the writer has an enormous insight into the bible and it tells the a really funny story about the relationship between God, Jesus and the angels and Jesus' second coming.

I'm so glad i found this book. Amazing!


Review by: oldcar on Apr. 25, 2011 : star star star star star
Interesting characters and a good plot. Great book.

Only read the first couple chapters but did enjoy it. A good mix of show and tell, and narration vs dialogue. I like the flow and the voice (though first person is not my cup of tea).
More description of the characters would help. Readers love to fall for characters that not only fills their minds but also build a realistic picture. Reader wants to see, people, places and most of all action (through the eyes of the characters…not through those of the narrator).
The pace in Ch 2 is much better than in Ch 1...maybe because of the dialogue.
Good job. I’ll be back when I’ll find the time.

Review by: grannytoad on May. 05, 2011 : star star star star star
Another great book by Sautter. I love his stories!

Hi, put the book on my watchlist, intend to have a closer look. Like your pacey style of writing.
Speak later, Si.

The Three Dollar Phoenix
Review by: grannytoad on Mar. 05, 2011 : (no rating)
This book has a great premise. The story is well thought out and I really enjoyed it.

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